7 Secrets to homeschool with a Charter!

  • Stay calm
  • Get organized
  • Have the support you need

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Homeschooling Tips | How to Start in California

The 10 Best Tools To Help Homeschool Parents Stay Sane and Organized ( in 2023 )

Do you wish you had a few tools up your sleeve to make homeschooling easier? I have my best tools for homeschooling below. Unfortunately, a cup of coffee that automatically stays at the perfect temperature all day did not make the list (let me know if you find one). The following are ten apps, tools,…

7 Easy Ways to Spend Charter School Funds
Homeschool Charter

7 Easy Ways to Spend Your Homeschool Charter Funds in California

Are you looking for ways to spend your homeschool charter funds quickly? Maybe the end of the year is coming, and you have a lot of funds left in your kid’s account? How is shopping this hard?! If you are a homeschool mom in California and need some spending ideas, you’re in luck! This guide…

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How to Start in California

Find Out if Metropolitan Homeschooling is the Resource for You!

I am a California homeschool blogger and my homeschool know-how is a mish-mash of my educational and childhood experiences, books, homeschool chatter on Facebook groups, and sage advice from other moms I am blessed to encounter. You have so many choices for homeschooling advice, and one search on Google will give you dozens of blogs….

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How to Start in California

5 Ways I Help California Moms Make Homeschooling Amazing

I’m a homeschooling mom in California, and I want to help moms start homeschool, choose a curriculum, and get organized.  Homeschooling is a new journey, and it’s only fair that you get help along the way. Our world would be better off if we had a community of people to turn to for answers. A…