5 Quick and Easy Places to Get Free Homeschool Curriculum

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Teach your kids for free! You want to homeschool, but visions of expensive boxes of curriculum bounce around in your head. Where do you start? Is it expensive? No! You can find free curriculum everywhere.

Don’t worry! There are easy places to get free homeschool curricula.

We live in a world overloaded with information! I mean, it’s everywhere: television, radio, apps, books, magazines, movies, and more. You almost have to try hard not to learn something. Take advantage of what is right under your nose. 

When I was a kid, we had PBS, the library, and–if you were fancy–an entire set of encyclopedias. Who are Alexa and Siri? Old School. Turning pages and getting paper cuts.

Below is a list of free resources to help you to teach.

Free Complete Curriculum Online 

Years ago, despite my career in education, I was wondering, “uh, what do I teach a toddler?” Can you believe there is an all-in-one curriculum for FREE!? I used ABC Jesus Loves Me with 2 of my children, and it’s quality! Below are two popular, free curricula.

ABC Jesus Loves Me

ABC Jesus Loves Me is a Christian-based curriculum and provides lessons in the bible, early math, language, social skills, and other subjects. Long ago, I typed in “free preschool curriculum,” and ABCJLM popped up! The online version is free and an option to buy a spiral-bound version. 

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy is a popular, Christian all-in-one curriculum that covers preschool through high school. In addition to language arts, math, science, and history Easy Peasy covers art, drawing, and physical education. One and done!

Curriculum in Your Home

I invested in a few reference books for my children that are helpful and don’t take up much space. 

A children’s encyclopedia

An encyclopedia teaches science, geography, history, and much more!  I answer most “how” and “why” questions by opening up their encyclopedia. Your kids also learn research skills by looking for answers. 

Kids Dictionary

Little ones can flip through a dictionary to pique their interest in words. Teach your kids how to alphabetize, find definitions, and improve their reference skills. Using a dictionary is a vital skill for kids to develop. 

Kids Magazines

Use your local library app or Amazon Prime Reading to check out magazines for free. Children learn from magazines with detailed photographs and captivating real-life stories. My daughter loves to get “Zoo News” and knows about emergency animal surgeries and events at the local zoo. Search for a magazine subscription that aligns with your child’s interest. 


Books are a free option at the library and online. Did you know Project Gutenberg provides timeless classics in an ebook format? Also, if you have Amazon Prime, you can check out ebooks with Prime Reading. Amazon is not just for precarious late-night shopping. It’s educational. 

Curriculum on TV

Reading Rainbow. Ghost Writer. 3-2-1 Contact. Remember those shows? Nowadays, my children watch Wild Kratts and know animal facts that continue to surprise me. I have nicknamed my daughter “Siri.” Just kidding. 

PBS (Public Broadcasting Station)

For young kids or kids at heart, PBS is a fine choice. PBS is available on tv, apps, and online. Kids learn about emotions, science, math, Spanish, and much more.

Broadcast T.V.

Saturday morning cartoons are a thing of the past, but some educational shows are available on your local network. Your family can always learn something new! On the weekend, our family enjoys Jack Hanna Into the Wild, Sea Rescue, Jewels of the Natural World, Tails of Valor, This Old House: Trade School, Rock the Park, and Ocean Treks.

Free Curriculum from Apps

Apps provide knowledge in the palm of your hand.


Do you need to get your kids moving and learning? GoNoodle is a twofer! Your kids will learn about grammar, social skills, and more.  

Prime Video

If you have Amazon Prime, stream shows like Daniel Tiger, Dino Dana, Superbook, and much more. Learning is fun and easy.

Pluto App

A friend recently told me about this awesome app. Pluto has hundreds of on-demand tv shows and movies. Some are educational, and some are old favorites from back in the day. 

Take learning on the go! Long car ride? No problem. Let your kid pick which app they want to watch and put the teaching on autopilot. 

Free Resources from YouTube

There are some great YouTube channels out there. You may find yourself sitting down and learning something new too. I’ve been able to find dozens of great resources. 


This channel has some wildly fun math, science, and social studies skits for kids and grownups. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, there are inside jokes to keep you entertained. 

Homeschool Pop

I use this channel to teach my kids the history of holidays. It’s more than a day off from homeschool.

Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel

Music soothes the savage beast (toddlers). Get your little ones jumping and learning to catchy tunes while learning.

SciShow Kids

The topics of this channel? You guessed it: science.  There are informative segments to teach the whole family.

Scratch Garden

The melodies from this channel will be in your head long after you click away. It’s worth it to make math fun for your kids. 

YouTube is helpful when you find trustworthy channels. Ideally, you may want to teach your kids to skip the ads to reduce the “Mommy! I want THAT” syndrome. 

Pro tip: Make an Amazon wishlist for each kid.

Free Curriculum From Your Wealth of Knowledge:

Everyone has a story and experiences worth sharing. Share your knowledge with your children!

Your Hobbies

What do you love to do in your spare time? You can teach your child your hobby and spend quality time with them.

Employment Experience

You have learned skills beneficial to your kids: office skills, customer service, teaching, and more. 

Life Hacks

Teach your kids life skills too. Do you know a quick way to clean a stove or other valuable skills? Everything you know is valuable for future generations. 

Learning can happen anywhere and from various places. Public school has only been around for 400 years, so it’s not the only way to learn. What did we do before? We learned from our families. Teaching your child is creating memories and a legacy.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the curriculum choices, I have an article with helpful questions to ask yourself.

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Comment below! What free resources have you used to teach your children?

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