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8 Great Reasons Why Parents Quickly Choose to Homeschool in 2022

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homeschooling in 2021

Homeschooling is rising in 2022, but why do parents choose to homeschool in 2022 and become homeschooling parents? Why does homeschooling continue to grow so much in the United States and elsewhere around the world?

Why are so many people questioning traditional schooling methods these days and opting for home education?

Each family has its reasons. According to education statistics from Think Impact of American families, 41% of parents showed a willingness to allow their children to take part in homeschooling as of May 2020.

reasons to homeschool in 2021
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The pandemic has made parents like you consider the benefits of homeschooling. There are benefits to homeschooling that traditional schooling does not offer.

Families homeschool to enjoy the benefits of a safe learning environment to the opportunity to create a unique home education.

Here are my top 8 reasons why families homeschool in 2022 to impact their children’s education.

#1 Religious Freedom in Homeschooling Families

religious freedom in homeschooling
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In 2022, many families feel that the public school system does not align with their religious values and that public schools are becoming more secular and anti-religious. The word is out that homeschooling is flexible.

Combining religion and academic instruction is a gold mine for families who want to include God in their teaching since public schools do not permit anything non-secular. The exclusion of prayer and the inclusion of other things is a deal-breaker for some parents.

#2 Health Concerns in Public Schools

homeschooling for health reasons
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The pandemic has put the topic of school mask mandates on everyone’s minds. Due to COVID-19 and the new delta variant, some parents would like staff and students to wear masks, but others see things differently.

More parents are choosing to opt out of public school to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.
Beyond concerns about COVID-19, some kids have behavioral or medical issues that are sometimes poorly addressed in a public school setting.

Children with allergies, low immune systems, and other health challenges have to brave public schools that may not accommodate their needs.

#3 Families Travel

world schooling as a homeschooling method in 2021
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Families may travel for many reasons during the traditional school year.

For military families, a new military assignment may mean a new school for the kids in the family.

Homeschooling is very common with military families. There are many convenient ways to homeschool online to keep the academic momentum going versus adjusting to a new curriculum at a new school.

One form of homeschool is world schooling, where kids are taught by being immersed in the world. Instead of learning from textbooks, students learn from cultures in real life. Homeschooling is convenient in situations where travel is frequent.

#4 Professional Student-Athletes and Performers

student athletes homeschool in 2021
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Parents of professional athletes and child actors often opt to homeschool. Why? It is an excellent way for athletes and performers to keep up with their studies during their busy schedules.

Instead of attending traditional school all day, a professional kid can work on academic instruction in the morning (or whenever it’s convenient) and then follow with sports training or practice.
Anything is possible when you think out of the box.

#5 Personalized Education

personalized education in homeschooling in 2021
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Parents want to have the freedom to teach their kids in ways that are distinct from traditional schooling. A teacher has around 30 students in a classroom and cannot create an individualized learning plan.

Parents have a desire to give their kids educational support for a variety of reasons.

The implementation of common core is still controversial after a decade. Look around the internet for memes expressing parental confusion over homework assignments. It’s funny but not funny at the same time. The way we were taught in school decades ago looks different today.

If a child has learning challenges, homeschooling can allow room for patience and accommodation. A child who is talented in art can focus on their strengths. They can also experiment and take risks that they would not be able to do at school.

My daughter loves to draw, and I let her doodle and make art on her handwriting pages; and I feel it is age-appropriate and keeps her enthusiastic about her assignment.
I do not have to worry about her getting in trouble at school for drawing on her work. Her love and excitement for art can remain.

At home, we can focus on what is essential.

#6 Failing Academics in American Schools

homeschooling as an alternative to failing public schools
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According to the US Department of Education website, the US has one of the world’s highest high school dropout rates!

Despite education reform, the US still has some improvements to make. In the meantime, many families are choosing private schools, homeschooling, remote learning with online programs, and other alternate options.

Private schools with costly tuition may be out of reach for some, so homeschool is the next option. I spoke with a mom who wanted to put her children in Catholic school, but she decided to homeschool since the tuition was out of their budget.

#7 Desire to Spend More Time with Children

homeschool family spending time together
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Many parents reflect on the hustle and bustle of everyday life and want to spend more time with their children. For example, on a typical school day, after you get ready for school, get in the horrid school line, and pick your kids up, there are only a few hours of daylight left. Not to mention if you also are signed up for after-school sports.

Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting more time with your children.

In 2022, it’s easier than ever to homeschool. In California, homeschool charter schools are available that include funding for you to spend on learning supplies and classes. More parents are looking to give their kids more one on one attention.

#8 Unsafe Local Schools

Unsafe schools as a reason to homeschool
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Unfortunately, schools are still not as safe as they should be. Violence takes many forms at school.

A child can be the victim of bullying or cyberbullying at any time, even in the classroom. Parents want their children to be in a safe environment where they will not feel threatened or unsafe.

It hurts my heart whenever I see a story about an ignored child who suffered relentless bullying, and the school did not protect that child.

Sometimes the danger is from the neighborhood. The simple act of walking to and from school can present unthinkable challenges. Will a criminal approach your child? I remember times walking home, and cars would slow down beside me.

Scary stuff.

In some cities, school choice programs allow for a different school selection, but some families may prefer to give other forms of learning a try.

Reasons Why Parents Homeschool in 2022

Families choose to homeschool in 2022 for a variety of reasons. Some want the freedom to immerse their kids in religious beliefs, while others want to give them one-on-one attention. In some instances, homeschooling is a lifeline and extremely important due to safety concerns.

I hope this article has helped you gain insight into why parents choose to homeschool. If you are interested in homeschooling roadmap to homeschool can be simple. Maybe you have chosen to homeschool because of one or many of these reasons.

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Are you thinking of homeschooling? Have you already started homeschooling? What is your reason for homeschooling? Leave your comment below.

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