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Find Out if Metropolitan Homeschooling is the Resource for You!

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I am a California homeschool blogger and my homeschool know-how is a mish-mash of my educational and childhood experiences, books, homeschool chatter on Facebook groups, and sage advice from other moms I am blessed to encounter.

You have so many choices for homeschooling advice, and one search on Google will give you dozens of blogs. My hope for you is to find at least one homeschool family that you enjoy spending time with, an awesome homeschool book, and a place with on-point advice.

I’m an actual homeschool mom living and breathing homeschool in the moment and not a hired writer on a homeschool website. Here are some ways to know Metropolitan Homeschooling is for you.

You are a parent who wants homeschooling to fit your life — comfortably.

Your main goal of homeschooling is for your kids to love learning while they learn. You do not want to homeschool your kid all day to ensure their acceptance into an Ivy League school, although if they applied and got in, that would be cool too. For now, it’s nice to have the kids around, try to survive being mom and teacher, and try to live a well-balanced life.

Homeschooling is a labor of love, but it should not break you. There are ways to simplify your schedule and say no, take your kids to drop-off programs, have the kids use online apps, and other options to make homeschooling easier.

You are not interested in bragging about how many math curricula you can cram into a day despite your kids hating every minute of it. No thanks.

You are a homeschooling mom with a homeschooling charter in California

All 50 glorious states in the United States support homeschooling. It’s fantastic, but I can’t tell you much about how any other state works besides California.

You get bonus points if you homeschool with a charter. It works well for us, and I am a big fan. However, do what works for your family.

You are annoyed by the lack of diversity in homeschooling searches, curriculum, Google Images, etc.

I want to live in a world where stock photos of homeschooling families showed all types of families exploring life. Until then, I will take extra time to find images representing a wide array of families.

I’m lucky enough to live in a community where no two families look the same and appreciate representation. Homeschooling is everything and everyone.

While we are on the subject, I would love to see more homeschooling magazine choices. I consider myself an eclectic and minimalist homeschooler, and I wouldn’t mind a magazine that dabbles in a little bit of everything and provides organization tips.

One more thing…

I started Metropolitan Homeschooling to give parents the information needed to start homeschooling or continue homeschooling. Also, if you are a POC, it’s nice to see that we homeschool too!

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