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How to Explode the Size of Your Home quickly!

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Are you living in a small space? Undoubtedly, everywhere you turn the message booming in our ears is bigger is better. But is it?

Without a doubt, you can enjoy the perks of a smaller home and make the best of your square footage. By all means each room has endless possibilities! 


Generally, in a traditional bedroom, you’ve got your bed, dresser, and maybe some other items. With this in mind, let’s take each item and make it sensible for living in a small space. 


If you have kids (that can resist the urge to leap from the top like a superhero), then a bunk bed may be an option. Additionally, a bunk bed makes great use of vertical space. 

If you can install one then a murphy bed or a wall bed is also a great option. Let me tell you it’s great! If you are able to have one installed or install one yourself you can easily transform your room into another use during the day. You can use the room for anything during the daytime: office space, playroom, gaming, or homeschool room to name a few ideas.

Whenever you have a chance to buy a desk a foldable desk is a great option. It can easily be placed anywhere including the bedroom. Lastly, a simple foldable desk can be folded up at the end of the day and put in a closet, under a bed, or in between something.

Additionally, there are also desks that can be installed in the wall and it (you guessed it) folds out. 


All of a sudden a play space is out of control with blocks, dolls, crayons, and sharp things. At this point, my only suggestions are to focus on experiences for presents that can be used up (like coloring books) and letting well-meaning relatives know your wishes.

At this time I am using a toy chest to keep the fun contained. A toy chest is also portable and keeps you accountable for the number of dolls, action figures, costumes, and random doodads your kids collect. 

Do you need to keep your kid semi-confined but active? By all means, get an Indoor Gym. It’s great for the kids! Your kids can swing, rope climb (American Ninja Warrior anyone?), and hang!

As a matter of fact, I recently purchased one. Of course, the only downside is that you should sit and watch your kids like a hawk to reduce the chance of an ER trip.

It’s amazing all the wackiness that can occur in a matter of seconds. Kids are creative. Kids are unbelievable. However, keeping kids in one area may allow peace in other parts of your home…maybe.


Are you an artist, photographer, singer, or writer who needs more room? You can use that bedroom space to create with that bed put away.

Instead of being crammed in a corner, a murphy bed can be covered with a backdrop and you can have a Homeschool Picture Day or a photoshoot for your social media channels. You can turn your bedroom into a creative’s dream. More space can mean a better podcast or Facebook Live. 


I discovered a way to create more storage space. Maybe you have used the space under the bed, but have you tried that little nook above the door frame?

In the bedroom closet, I use this for off-season clothes and blankets. Ideally, you may want to pare down your clothes a bit so you don’t have to install extra space, but if you have to this is a great way to create more space. 

We have surfboards to store. Our solution? Twine. The boards are hanging from our ceiling as I type. It is way better than 7 feet surfboards on the floor! 


Yes, I just made up a word. Besides the traditional uses of a kitchen the kitchen and the counter can be used for more. Before you do that there are a few things you can do to make things a bit better in the kitchen.

You may want to consider a knife holder in the kitchen. It clears off counter space. Also, use all of those cabinets—even the hard to get to ones above the refrigerator. I would just put rarely used stuff in the hard to get to cabinets—a match made in heaven. 

Right now I am typing at the counter in my kitchen. I call it my standing office. I am getting a ring for standing on my watch while I do work so it’s a win-win.

The only thing I need and I highly advise is some sort of ergonomic platform if you are working from a laptop. My wrists were achy a while ago and I think that is why. Take care of yourselves out there!

Have kids and want to do science experiments and create kid fun like oobleck? The kitchen is the place for all those messy shenanigans. You can also teach your kids to cook and introduce math in a fun way. 


I can’t remember the last time I actually had a dining room. It’s been a very long time. Our dining area is the office. Or rather it’s supposed to be an office for me, but here I am standing in the kitchen. 

You can use that foldable table to have dinner or an office or a homeschooling session. As soon as I find a home for all the stuff on my desk I am getting a table that folds out of the wall for a kid to do their work. I will still be standing here. 


Another key point I have noticed that no matter how big a home is most activity is in one room. Usually, this is the living room. 

The living room is commonly used for multiple purposes. If you have guests that couch can double as a sofa bed. That couch can also be seating for homeschool work.

If you have a foldable table it can be used as a work area. And of course, you can have your home theater in this space. There are furniture pieces that double as two items for storage. Your footstool can also house magazines or DVDs. 

Lastly, one of my favorite pieces of furniture for homeschool is our IKEA foldable easel. If you can, go to IKEA since you will find the best price. There are a wipeable marker and chalkboard side. I use it every day to write our schedule. I even put my “Daily 3” on there to keep myself accountable for certain tasks. . Also, the kids draw on it for fun at the end of the day.


The way you live is your business. If you want to live in a small place so be it.

Finally, according to some money experts, you should budget 30% of your gross income for housing expenses. Before you splurge on that McMansion keep in mind your budget. Living in a small space can help you reach or get closer to that 30% ideal.

I don’t know many people in my area that can keep to that ideal. In my opinion, if living in a smaller home keeps your housing expenses reasonable then it’s definitely a great reason to do so. 

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