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A Mathseeds Review: Can Math Be Fun for Homeschoolers?

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Math can be challenging to teach and learn, especially if you had a hard time with the subject yourself (raises hand). I used to get sick all the time in first grade and missed school, and as a result, I missed crucial math lessons, making new math concepts hard to learn. In this Mathseeds review, I’ll talk about what it is and why it will make math beloved in your home.

For whatever reason, some kids are just not excited about math. It may be a good time to switch from a traditional book-driven program to an online curriculum like Mathseeds.

The problem with most math curricula is that they don’t engage your kids in the learning process and make it seem like a chore. Worksheet after worksheet can make “math time” a battle, and this leads to frustration.

That’s where Mathseeds, one of the best homeschool online math curriculum, comes into play. I would argue the best online math curriculum.

Teachers and academics have designed Mathseeds to address the engagement issue head-on. It does this by fusing highly structured lessons with fun, motivating games integrated into each activity.  

Learn more with this Mathseeds review.

What is Mathseeds?

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Mathseeds is an online math curriculum subscription that uses games and quizzes to teach math skills. Mathseeds is for 3 to 9-year-olds and created in consultation with teachers and academics.

The lessons generally consist of a short explanation, practice activities, and a reward of “acorns” for completing the tasks. Your kids have an option to “redeem” their golden acorns to “buy” items in the Mathseeds store or play games in the arcade.

Every lesson is designed to allow for practice and instill confidence, as well as develop necessary skills.

In addition to online interactive lessons, you as a parent have access to printable worksheets that kids can use offline for additional practice.

Mathseeds can be used in addition to your homeschool curriculum or as a replacement for it.

Lessons can be accessed using the Mathseeds app and on their website. My kids have used Mathseeds on their Chromebook and Amazon Fire as well.

Mathseeds is one of the best homeschool online math curricula that our family has used. I cannot remember reading or hearing about a kid not liking Mathseeds!

Lessons are short.

The best part of Mathseeds is that your children want to do the lessons, and Mathseeds makes it so much easier for parents who find it hard to get their children to sit down and focus.

How Does Mathseeds Teach Math Skills?

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The online lessons are introduced and taught entertainingly with a cast of charming animals that my kids love. My kids are excited when a new lesson introduces them to a new animal.

The best part of Mathseeds is that it doesn’t feel like learning.

You can start anytime in your child’s math journey. When you begin Mathseeds, your child can take a placement test, or you can manually select where your child starts the program.

Each lesson is an easy-to-understand bite, with an introductory storyline and adorable animal characters.

First, there are videos and songs to introduce the lesson.

Next, there are chances to practice the skill for understanding.

At the end of each lesson, Mathseeds gives a short quiz.

Each lesson is interactive and engaging.

Mathseeds teach critical thinking skills and problem-solving.

According to the Mathseeds website, educators, web developers, and animators developed Mathseeds.

What Does Mathseeds Cover?

Mathseeds review
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Mathseeds focuses on core skills needed for school success, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Mathseeds has over 200 lessons covering place value, fractions, time, money, and more.

The best part of Mathseeds is the repetition in vocabulary within each lesson. The repetition ensures my kids remember the key concepts they’ve learned after finishing a set of tasks.

Mathseeds give kids a positive start with math to increase their chances of success later on.

The following are some of the math skills Mathseeds focuses on:

– Number Sense and Place Value

– Computation (Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)

– Algebraic Thinking (Patterns, Connections)

– Geometry Concepts (Shapes, Space)

-Money identification and computation


Mathseeds is a comprehensive math experience.

Mathseeds can replace or complement your current math curriculum. Over time we have incorporated Mathseeds almost daily for free time.

What are the Best Features of Mathseeds?

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Benefits for Parents

One cool feature is parents get an email progress report after each session. When your child completes lessons, you get a detailed summary of the skills learned. I don’t always look over my kids’ shoulders while they use Mathseeds, so knowing what they are covering is comforting.

My kids love Mathseeds, so getting them to do a lesson is not a tough sell while my toddler takes a nap or I have to be on a phone call. If you work from home or need an educational screen time tool, Mathseeds is great.

Do you have children who loathe math? Mathseeds is great for children who do not like math, and it’s also an excellent alternative for a kiddo who cannot stand worksheets.

In my opinion, the pricing is reasonable, and you can pay for a monthly or yearly subscription for access to up to 4 children. You also get their other programs: Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, and Fast Phonics.

You can take advantage of their free trial to see if it is suitable for your family.

I love that my children are learning the skills they need without even realizing it. I see both of them eager to do their lessons!

After finishing a quiz, they print out their certificates, and I proudly display them around the house.

Mathseeds has been a massive help in increasing my kids’ math skills.

Benefits for Kids

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Mathseeds bring the fun. Another great feature is that kids earn acorns they can use in the online store to buy clothes for their avatars, furnishings for their “house,” or a chance to play games in the arcade. My kids like to scroll to look at all the goodies they can “buy” with their acorns.

Math can be challenging and frustrating. Learning to love math early on and being successful at it can make a future career in STEM an option for your children.

How do I Use the Mathseeds Curriculum with a Homeschool Charter in California?

california mathseeds review
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Mathseeds is a math program that may work for your family and be paid for by your homeschool charter. For example, you can order a year subscription toward the beginning of the school year.

However, charter schools in California differ in their requirements for ordering and reporting curriculum. You’ll want to double-check with your homeschool charter program and school before you start a subscription.

You can email your Educational Facilitator (or whatever the teacher looking over your family’s progress is called) if you need assistance in curriculum selection.

Mathseeds has a workbook companion that is may also be available for purchase to fulfill the requirement for work samples. Another option is to print out worksheets.

My Kids’ Mathseeds Review

mathseeds review from kids
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Kid#1 – My kid who loves math!

Me: What score do you give Mathseeds on a scale of 1-10?

Kid #1: I would give Mathseeds a 10.

Me: Why do you give it a 10?

Kid #1: Because you get to get to play games in the arcade, and I like the Mathseeds lessons. We get eggs at the end! You get golden eggs.

Me: Is there anything you don’t like?

Kid #1: The Mathseeds quiz.

Me: Should kids like you use Mathseeds?

Kid #1: Yes!


Kid #2 – My kiddo prefers art and being imaginative. Math is not her favorite subject, and she gives worksheets a “4.”

Me: What score do you give Mathseeds on a scale of 1-10?

Kid 2: I would give Mathseeds a 9.

Me: Why do you give it a 9?

Kid 2: It’s great, and it’s fun math. You learn a lot about math.

Me: Is there anything you don’t like?

Kid 2: The voices sound rude sometimes when they say, “no, try again.” I have a feeling that can affect younger children using it.

Me: Should kids like you use Mathseeds?

Kid 2: Yes.

What do we love best about Mathseeds?

mathseeds review
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Ten-minute nuggets of fun and time-sliced learning are hallmarks of Mathseeds. Kids feel like they are playing a computer game rather than doing ‘work.’ And best of all, parents don’t have to micromanage their kids’ work.

If you are a parent with other children or working remotely, Mathseeds makes learning easy for all family members. 

From the Makers of the Mathseeds Curriculum

If you like Mathseeds, you should check out their other programs that come with your subscription: Reading Eggs Junior, Reading Eggs, Fast Phonics, and Reading Eggspress. Reading Eggs Junior is for the preschool set, and Reading Eggs teaches your elementary school-aged child to read.

Fast Phonics works on phonemic awareness, and Reading Eggspress has your child practicing spelling and reading comprehension.

If you want me to do a review on those programs let me know in the comments.

Final Thoughts About This Mathseeds Review

Kids learn best through an interactive experience that is encouraging and fun. Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with motivational elements that keep children engaged and eager to learn.

Kids can start their journey of mastering math anytime, anywhere there’s a computer or tablet!  Mathseeds is thorough, so parents don’t have to sit with their kids and micromanage their work.

If you’re looking for one of the best homeschool online math curricula, consider giving Mathseeds a try today! I hope you found this Mathseeds review helpful. If you need more help planning out a curriculum read How to Pick Curriculum for a Successful Homeschool (Questions to Ask Yourself).

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